Costa Rica: General Information
Costa Rica has been described as the "Switzerland of the Americas," and for good reason. The nation is an oasis of peace and democracy in a region of the world - Central America - that has been plagued historically by political strife, revolution and war. Costa Rica disbanded its army in 1948 and has become a beacon of light among the underdeveloped nations of the world, with a strong emphasis on quality education and medical care, environmental preservation (over 25% of its land is protected from development, much of it found within the country's 25 national parks), political stability, social harmony and prosperity. The Costa Rican people, affectionately known as Ticos, are very friendly, kind and considerate, and have been described in global indexes as among the happiest on earth, with a longer than average life expectancy that probably has something to do with the slow, laid back pace of life and 'manana' attitude prevalent in the country.

Costa Rica is a tiny nation (it is smaller than the state of West Virginia), yet it is one of the most ecologically diverse and beautiful on earth. Within it are found twelve (12) distinct ecological zones comprised of rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and beaches. The country has an astonishing abundance of flora and fauna, containing 5% of all the known species of plants and animals on earth, and more than double the number of bird species found throughout the entire United States. It is little wonder that Columbus named Costa Rica the 'rich coast' when he encountered it on his final voyage to the New World.

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit and explore and create memories for a lifetime. We hope you choose our family townhome as a base camp to experience the many wonders this unique country has to offer.